Hello. My name is Kynley Michal.

I’m a senior graphic designer at HomeAdvisor. I graduated with honors from the Art Institute of Colorado with a BA Graphic Design in 2011. At HomeAdvisor, I am responsible for the visual designs of their specialized products like the True Cost Guide and DesignMine, but also work on a plethora of different projects and was part of their massive redesign and rebranding that happened in 2012. I love the creative department I work in and love what I do.

I live in Denver, Colorado with my tall, dark, and handsome husband. We have two kitties and a three-legged puppy. We are living happily ever after and all that jazz. Oh and- Michal is actually my middle name and is pronounced me-call with and little phlegm on the c.

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Please note that I am no longer taking on freelance projects. Please visit Greater Studio if you would like to contact us about your design needs.