HomeAdvisor : Mobile Web

I’ve been working for HomeAdvisor for almost eight years- I started before their full rebrand from ServiceMagic to HomeAdvisor. I been a part of HomeAdvisor’s brand evolution since its conception. It’s a great challenge working to balance the established designs with the needs of the present and the future.

Part of that challenge has been shifting from a desktop first mentality to a mobile first mentality. Responsive design was a burgeoning concept when I first started my career at HomeAdvisor- but has sense become an incredibly important part of the design process. I have learned and refined my knowledge and skill in area all while in the midst of the job.

The final designs displayed here represent months of hard work and collaboration between all the different disciplines: project management, UX design, UI design, and development.

Client HomeAdvisor
Date since 2011
Location Denver, CO
Category Branding, Design