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mHelpDesk joined HomeAdvisor in 2014 – offering organizational and management skills for small, contracting businesses. They offer calendar, payment, and team management services among other things. After partnering with HomeAdvisor- the team at mHelpDesk decided a rebrand was needed and they approached our design team for help.

This effort to recreate a new logo for mHelpDesk was a collaborative project amongst entire the design team. As a team we brainstormed and researched solid trends in logo and branding design- which then inspired each designer to develop a series of conceptual logos. I focused much of my efforts on refining and personalizing the logo type to create a unique and handcrafted quality. After presenting all of our work to the executive teams at both mHelpDesk and HomeAdvisor- a coworker’s logo mark was selected and my logo type was selected to create the final finished logo.

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typographical logo design
client : HomeAdvisor | Internal

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